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Four AUTUMN 2021 courses now posted on this websiter, three to be held via Zoom.


For OTHER COURSES & day event providers, see page-17 in 2021 October Connections


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MK MIssion Partnerhip course run in Autumn 2019


Compass2019: Nov-Dec course 





SUMMER 2018 short courses offered by the MK Mission Partnership

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For more details and how to register your interest, see the Compass website


The Bible at the Museum and Library

START 10th April

two Tuesday evening sessions at Cross & Stable, Downs Barn; followed by a day trip to the British Museaum and British Librrary on Saturday 28th April;

Led by Peter Ballantine and Steve Chilcraft 


Away from it all….at least for the morning: Recharging the batteries of life

Friday 11th May

Half day retreeat at St Michael's Priory, Willen

Led by Brother Anthony Purvis 


Exploring Faith – Through Creative Writing

START 16th May

two Wednesay evening sessions at All Saints, Loughton

Led by Carolyn Sanderson 


The Wonderful Christian Legacy of Olney

Saturday 23rd June

Half day trip and talk

Led by Steve Chilcraft & Peter Ballantine 


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SPRING 2018 short courses offered by the MK Mission Partnership

For more details and how to register your interest, see the Compass website


  • Getting to Grips with Paul – Tuesday evenings at Christ the Vine, Coffee Hall – Steve Chilcraft

“Jesus I get, but Paul’s a puzzle.” Start to make sense of Christian faith’s key missionary and thinker with this biblical course.


  • A Go(o)d Argument - Science and faith in dialogueThursday evenings at St Michael’s Priory, Willen – Ref Prof Keith Straughan

Isn’t science fundamentally opposed to faith?   Hasn’t science proved God to be irrelevant and religion just hocus-pocus? Doesn’t the God-theory just fill the gaps that science hasn’t yet understood?

These are big questions: let’s tackle them together!

A course for absolute beginners in both science and theology. Come with an open mind, a thirst to know more about God, the wonder of creation, and a willingness to have fun in the process.

We are delighted to welcome Keith to our tutoring team, with his wealth of teaching background – See more here -


  • Leading for a Change – Various dates: see below - John Robertson

This one year programme is designed to equip and empower you as a Christian to bring about positive change through missional projects.

This course is split into two parts – a Teaching Programme during January and February (Wednesday evenings and a Saturday daytime session), followed by an Action Learning Programme during Feb – Nov (evenings)

John is happy to talk to anyone interested in this course, or who wants to find out more. Call him in the office on 01908 311310.


The Summer 2017 short courses offered by the MK Mission Partnership

o   The Soul's Sap Quivers  Exploring faith through the works of four major poets; starts JUNE on Thursday evenings at All Saints, Loughton, led by John Robertson and Carolyn Sanderson; the cost is £20

 o   The Bible at the Museum (and Library!) – two Tuesday evenings at Christ the Vine, Coffee Hall plus a day trip to the British Museum, and optinoal excursion to the British Library

 o   Preaching Life - a second part, continuing from the SpringTerm

For more information and how to book see Compass;


The Spring 2017 short courses offered by the MK Mission Partnership

 o   Preaching Life - starts 9th Feb, Thursday eveings at Christ Church Stantonbury

 o   Mission shaped intro  starts 24th Feb, Friday afternoons as Hanslope Methodist Church, and (in parallel) starts 23th Jan, Monday evenings at Christ the Vine, Coffee Hall

 o   Living a life of Prayer: the nuts and bolts of prayer – starts 17th Jan, Tuesday evenings at All Saints, Loughton

For more information and how to book see Compass;

For more information and resources on prayer on this website, see Prayer is for everyone


During Autumn 2016, the following short courses were offered by the MK Mission Partnership

o   Getting to grips with Paul – Tuesday evenings at Christ the Vine, Coffee Hall, 4th Oct to 6th Dec 2016 

o   Mission shaped intro – This course will be run twice, once before the October half-term holiday - Wednesday evenings at Christ Church, Stantonbury (Sept-Oct) - and again - Monday eveingings at Holy Cross, Two Mile Ash (end Oct -Dec)

o   Feminist Perspectives on Theology: Looking at our faith through a different lens - Thursday evenings at Christ the Cornerstone, CentralMK, 13th Oct to 3rd Nov

For the full leaflet see Autumn 2016 leaflet

For the Compass section of the MK Partnership website, see Compass 



During Summer 2016, the following free day and short courses were offered by the MK Mission Partnership,

o   The Bible at the Museum – Saturday 7th May at The British Museum, London

o   Hymns: Do the words matter? Exploring faith through the words we sing – Wednesday 18th and Wednesday 25th May, 10am at All Saints, Milton Keynes Village

o   Joy and forgiveness, mercy and love: Reflecting on our lives as Christians - Saturday 4th June, 10am at St Michael’s Priory, Willen

o   Art and Spirituality - Thursday 9th and Thursday 16th June, 7.45pm at Holy Trinity, Wolverton


For more information see the coMPass website, see extracts from their leaflet below, or see Compass Summer 2016 course leaflet

MKpartnership summer 2016 page 1 

MKpartnership summer 2016 page 2




Well at Willen "Reaching Out" project (till 12th December 2015) 

The following workshops are offered.
All workshops and events are free of charge.
Saturday workshops run from 10am—4pm with lunch, and the Friday evening events run from 6.30pm—9.30pm with supper.
If you have any questions, would like to find out a little more about this project, or would like to book a place,
please contact Marcus Armstrong, the "Reaching Out" project manager at
mobile 07967 819514
or see the Well at Willen (St Michael's Priory) website 
Community   27th February
What is it? Why do we need it? How can we create it?
Identity    28th February
Who are we? What defines us? Are we who we think we are?
Privilege   21st March
What is it? Do we have it? If so what are we going to do with it?
Social & environmental change   16th May
Finding a safe & sustainable role and cause close to our hearts.
Non-violent conflict resolution   20th June
How to deal with everyday conflict more safely.
Forgiveness   22nd August and 12th Decmeber (see Forthcoming Events
What is it, and how and when can we give and receive it?
Networking and social event   13th November
A chance to socialise and find out what is going on locally.
Embracing life   14th November
Are we truly living our lives & following our hearts and passions?
WellAtWillen Reaching Out Project page1 


WellAtWillen Reaching Out Project page1 



MK Mission Partnership Autumn 2015 courses

The following courses are being offered at the following locations

  • Big questions christians are asked; Monday evenings from 21st September at the Holy Cross, Two Mile Ash
  • That's a good question! Building on the basics of your faith; Tuedsay evenings from 29th September at Stony Stratford Methodist Church
  • Beginning to pray; Thursday evenings from 24th September at Christ the Cornerstone in central Milton Keynes


The leaflet with full details can be found at compass courses

or at MK-Compass-Autumn2015 



MK Mission Partnership Spring 2015 courses

The following courses are being offered, FREE of charge, at the following locations

  • "Journeying into prayer 2" led by Anthony Purvis, from Monday 20th April at Holy Trinity, Wolverton, Mondays at 7.45pm
  • "Reading Ruth—A fresh look at a favorite story" led by Steve Chilcraft, from Tuesday 5th May, venue TBA, Tuesdays at 7.45pm
  • "You are Here: journeying through the Bible" led by Carolyn Sanderson, from Wednesday 22nd April at Christ the Vine, Jonathans, Coffee Hall, Wednesdays at 7.45pm

More details at MKmissionParnershipCompass


  • "You are Here" from 15th January at All Saints Church, Milton Keynes Village at 7.45pm
  • "Sharing Faith" from 27th January at St Mary's Woughton on the Cross, at 7.45pm
  • "Choosing the Right Government" from 9th March at the Holy Cross, Two Mile Ash, at 7.45pm 

MKtheology Forum: Faith in Politics

All courses are FREE, but please book in advance if at all possible

To register, go to Compass at the Mission Parnership website, where you can register using paypal, or download an application form.

The leaflet for the courses may be found at Compass-leaflet


MK Mission Partnership 2014

The following courses were held in 2014 

  • “Journeying into Prayer” with Liz Baker. 
  • “How to Read the Bible” with Steve Chilcraft.
  • “Human Identity in a Risky New World” with Stephen Mosedale. 
  • “Understanding Faith” with John Robertson
  • “Work Matters: the Place of Work in our Faith Journeys” with Stephen Norrish