THIS CHRISTMAS?


When it is somebody's birthday, they are normally the centre of attention at the main meal of the day. At some point someone will stand up and propose a toast for that person, which is a way of recognising how important that person is.

Despite all the expense of Christmas Day, it is almost spooky how the birthday person, Jesus, rarely gets mentioned on his own birthday.
He is often completely ignored at His own party!

So this year, before you tuck into Christmas dinner, make sure that you have filled everyone's glass for a toast with your best quality booze.
Then let someone propose a toast to Jesus.

This is one way of inviting the presence of God into your home and heart. The God, who became a person for us at Bethlehem, wants to celebrate and enjoy His special day with you this Christmas, wherever you are. Like most of us He doesn't want to be ignored and to be shut out of our lives.

Your home and heart is a more inviting place to welcome Him than the smelly stable 2000 years ago—like being born at the back of an industrial estate in a garage full of old cars, unwanted rubbish, with a few skips outside.

We can all do better than a stable or garage for Jesus, so toast His presence at home this coming Christmas Day and restore the true meaning of Christmas! 


logo: Christmas starts with ChristRESTORE THE TRUE MEANING           OF CHRISTMAS!


Remember the birth of Jesus,
whose life is still an example of
hope and significance for all of us.


And the very best wishes for this Christmas!