Christmas is a birthday

— do you know the story?      
— why is this one so special? 

Christmas is about remembering the birth of a boy, who went on to bring a remarkable message to us all through his life and death. Although there were reasons to expect something special of this boy, if was not always clear what this was. Throughout his life, his mother Mary had problems fully understanding what her young child was about. What mother or parent has not had similar problems when their child was growing up?

There were practical difficulties near the time of his birth. For policitical reasons, the parents and unborn child had to travel to the other end of the country to register for taxes. Nothing new there then, just the tax burden of the times. This was around 2000 years ago, so there were no trains and buses, and the journey had to be made on foot with a donkey to carry the luggage, as was normal for the time. This despite Mary's baby being due at any moment.

When they got to their destination (Bethlehem) it was of course crowded with all the other people who had had to travel there, and so they were stuck without accommodation (no then). Luckily for them an inn could offer them space to make do in one of the adjoining stables (no room upgrade for them), and so that is what they did, and that is where the baby Jesus was born.

We remember Jesus' birthday because of the significance of his adult life as a healer and radical teacher, and because of the way he died. He became the person we now refer to as the living Christ, God's anointed One, — our Saviour. 

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Please remember this birthday story because of the significance of Jesus

as you get and give presents or food during your celebrations this Christmas

and the very best of good wishes for this Christmas!