Praying for the Town

What a great morning we had on Saturday, 25 January (2014)!  And how easy it as to organise! A mixed bunch of us from the different Churches in the town arrived at 9.30am, put up the table, set out the pens, rescued the sand from the boot of Nita's car and put up the washing line and Prayer Trees! We then went into the Methodist Church to pray - to prepare ourselves for offering prayer to passers-by.  

The words of the preparation prayer that stuck with me were - ‘Help us avoid the rain but be showered with blessings'! And we were! What a privilege! Many people stopped and we were able to talk to them about ‘Blue Monday', ask if they had concerns or worries or problems they would like to share and we offered them the chance to write a prayer on a card or leaf and hang it on the line or on one of the trees. It was amazing how people responded and opened up and wanted to talk and think about others too. Some walked by, some asked us what we were selling, but many were pleased that someone wanted to talk to them and listen and share with them. 

At 12 noon, the sun had come out (but it was still quite cold!) and we packed up, having been showered with blessings and perhaps sown some seeds or prompted some thinking and, hopefully, offered God's love and hope through Praying with the Town. We all agreed it is worth doing again!
Revd Jenny Mills