Your Red Sea experience?

THE RESTRICTIONS ON OUR LIVES KEEP CHANGING due to the latest government advice about the Covid-19 situation. It makes many feel very insecure and it must be a nightmare if you are running a business, or need a holiday.

We all feel a little like Moses standing at the Red Sea and wondering if there will ever be a way through to the promised land of 'normal life'. When in the middle of difficult situations we can lose hope that there is ever a way through it all. It is like being trapped in a bubble and only seeing a blurred haze where we want to be, outside the bubble.

In the Bible story the waters of the Red Sea did eventually part and a safe way through was provided by God. Moses' patience and faith were tested by the waiting and the uncertainty—but God provided a way through.

Similarly, we all have our own personal Red Seas to pass through since life throws many difficulties our way. The way ahead can appear to be blocked through relationship, health, work or monetary problems. In these situations remember the story of the parting of the Red Sea. What is your Red Sea that needs to be parted, and who is playing the part of Moses to lead and guide you through? God answered Moses' prayer for freedom and release. God responds and provides a path ahead.

We hope that the virus restrictions will end soon—but what then? What is our vision for the future and how do we apply all that we have learnt this year to it? 

What will be do differently and how will we be when things 'get back to normal'? Will we use the memory of these dificult times to enhance the lives of others and ourselves? We can plan ahead with this before the crisis is over since history shows that no pandemic lasts forever. Even the Black Death and the dreadful Spanish Flu virus after the First World War ended eventually.

We can learn to make a 'silk purse out of a sow's ear' regarding recent months. An example of this is how many families have grown closer to each other. Many have resumed cycling again or walking together along the canal bank—appreciating the natural world around them. Others have revisited the territory of exploring their faith in God and the quest for real meanng in life.

Times have been bad for some families where friendships, bereavement and working arrangements have been under real pressure. We can still put these things before God and seek His discernment and way through these Red Seas in our lives. The Christian belief that He became a person called Jesus, living amongst us, shows that God cares and wants us to seek His help and love, whatever we are facing in life.

Trust and hope in God our deliverer.

Revd Nick Evans,

Rector of Newport Pagnell 

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