Some Positives Arising from Lockdown


ONE OF THE REAL BLESSINGS DURING THE LOCKDOWN has been the beautiful weather we had. This greatly encourages many people to go out to do their daily exercise in the fresh air, mainly in the form of walking, running or cycling. I also joined with the exercises, either going for walks with my wife Wendy or cycling.

Whilst I gather that the walks in and aroung the villages were pretty quiet, the number of people on some parts of the Redway in Milton Keynes was impressive. Especially the Old Railway Line between Newport Pagnell and Wolverton, which is my favourite section of the Redway, became very busy with walkers. It was great to see so many people, especially families with young children, on this normally deserted path. But it did make cycling difficult and for some weeks I was forced to avoid this part of the MK cycleway network completely. This was no great hardship as there are many alternative routes, which were less busy.

Hopefully, people will continue to make good use of the excellent Redway cycle paths of Milton Keynes when things return to normal (or at least to some form of normality). This shows just one aspect where lockdown had a positive effect, apart from all the many bad ones. 

Other great things to see during the coronavirus crisis were the love and kindness shown to others. It was also lovely to see people being considerate and friendly and so incredibly creative. My hope and prayer is that these positives will continue as the lockdown is eased and life gradually becomes more normal.

And I also have this hope that more people will see the need for God in their lives. He is the same as he always was before, during, and after the coronavirus crisis. He is ready for us, all we need to do is turn to him.

Deacon Klaus Reidel,

St Bede's Catholic Church