Running, deepening faith
and other New Year resolution

We sometimes have visitors from Germany and they occasionally make interesting observations about life here. When my nephews came on a visit, they noticed how many joggers there were in Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes. They run themselves and were surprised by the great number of runners and also the great range of their ability. Whatever their level, they all share a great desire to get or stay fit.

I was reminded of that in recent weeks when I saw people running, especially early on Sunday morning when I'm in the car on my way to church. I admire those runners who are out on cold, dark and sometimes even wet mornings. Many of them have admirably stuck to their decision to start running. A decision they made at some point, whether that was around New Year or at some other time. Perhaps they noticed the positive improvement it made to their lives, physically and mentally, which probably spurred them on to keep going.

In the same way it is always possible to try to improve some area of our lives. We don't have to wait for the New Year. And now is perhaps a good time to look at any resolutions we may have made a few weeks ago and perhaps reaffirm or adjust them.

For Christians it is always a good time to deepen our faith by spending more time in prayer, or reading the bible, ideally on a regular basis and at a certain time of day. In doing this we can find ourselves in a closer walk with God, following his example, and reflecting his love and kindness to others.

Deacon Klaus Reidel,
St Bede's Catholic Church