Change and the next stage in my journey


HELLO! I HAVE BEEN PART OF THE TEAM WRITING THESE LETTERS for nearly twelve years. As minister at Newport Pagnell URC (United Reformed Church) I have enjoyed being able to share my thinking, reflections and faith with people in the local community. When people begin letters with such words, it is inevitable that they are going to say that change is ahead...and so it is!

From 1st October I am going to be the Secretary for Education and Learning for the United Reformed Church at Church House, London. This role brings together my previous experiences of being a teacher and serving as a minister. It is something that I am looking forward to beginning. But also change always brings with it a sense of loss, and I will miss all that ministry has brought me and blessed me with, in Newport Pagnell.

Initially Newport Pagnell URC will be in vacancy as they work out what ministry is needed now. This is particularly in the light of the Mead Centre project that has emanated from the life of the church and its desire to offer an inclusive and welcoming space in the town. As has become even clearer during lockdown, the church is the people, and they will all still continue to live out the love of God through the life and work of the church community.

May I end by saying a massive 'thank you' to everyone I have served alongside, journeyed with, and been challenged, helped and blessed by. In the Bible, travelling, moving on, journeying to new places, is a theme that runs from beginning to end—so I am following in the footsteps of faithful people through the ages. I look forward to what this next stage of my journey will bring, and will take with me precious memories of all I have experienced in my role for the past twelve years. 

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Jenny Mills

Minister of Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church
and West End United Church, Womverton.