Easter Reflection


May—a time of caution (‘ne’er cast a clout ‘til May is out’ apparently
meaning do not ditch the vest until early June, I was taught as a child!)
and Star Wars Day (May the 4th), a month of two Bank Holidays and also
‘Clean up your room’ day (May 10th)! A month that has no real time of
celebration in the church (we come from Easter in April this year and
Pentecost is 9th June)

As you can imagine, being a minister who serves two churches, life can get
busy for me around festivals and significant dates in the church calendar.
So I quite like the months like May that give us a chance to just ‘be’. A
chance to be faithful without too many demands—and at such times I
believe it is good to stop and reflect. 

What is it life is about?
What matters in our lives?
Who matters?
What things are important? And...why? 

As humanity we often feel the need to fill our days, to provide our children
with never ending stimuli and challenge, to keep busy and productive. But
actually we are all human ‘beings’ and so stopping and just reflecting is a
vital part of who we are and in that time of reflecting we can ask ourselves
such questions as above.

For me we are all alive so we can seek to become the best versions of
ourselves (in comparison with ourselves NOT others) and to live in ways
that build up society, bring the kingdom values (such as love, joy, peace,
and hope) and have a lasting effect; and for me I find strength and
encouragement to do that through my Christian faith.

We are all able to change the world responding to whatever driver helps
us to achieve this. How we wield that power is so important as we live in
community with others and our actions and words have effects beyond
our imaginings.

This month of May, let us stop and smell the flowers, pause and give
thanks for the good things, hold before God the things that trouble us and
believe we are loved and precious and we really matter, then let us step
out and share the love.

If you want more help doing any of this—the local churches are open and
welcoming and can help you on your journey!

Jenny Mills

Minister of Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church
and West End United Church, Wolverton

Convenor of the URC Children and Youth Work Committee


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