The Big Switch Inside Us

There was once a couple who spent most of their waking hours developing their fabulous house. Each year they'd add another bit to it. Their ambition was that by the time they retired their luxury development would be completed. I wonder what their next project would be after that? Perhpas they'd then focus on the garden or even buy another home to develop or rent? We all have dreams and ambitions about something we would like to do in our lives. Game show contestants are very quick to tell the world what they would do with the money if they won the jackpot cash prize.

There is nothing wrong either with enjoying the life which God gives us, and that is part of our destiny here on earth. The other part of our purpose for being here is to connect with the spiritual side of our nature—something which is hard-wired into us.

We can make a choice to turn on our spiritual switch or keep it off and ignore it altogether.

Throughout history humans have tried to respond to the spiritual part of their natures. They painted pictures of Gods on cave walls, erected temples, and created religions across all cultures. They were trying to discover what this spiritual har-wiring inside them was all about. Often they responded by inventing all sorts of different types of Gods to worship. Sometimes they hit upon something spiritually real and at other times they missed the mark. Then they believed in cruel Gods in the sky, or demons who existed in the bowels of the earth in the form of dragons or giant serpents.

How ambitious are we to develop the spiritual side of our nature?

Christmas is a good time to turn the spiritual switch on without feeling we are being mocked by others for being 'religious'. During this season many accept that it is fine to sing carols and go to nativity services. Therefore this is a great time to explore the real living God, the God who visited this earth because he loved us so very much. He made himself vulnerable in front of humankind. He spent his life serving us and taking the penalty for all that we have messed up on in our lives.

So next time you receive a Christmas card showing a picture of the nativity scene, prepare to turn your spiritual switch on and see what happens!

Revd Nick Evans,
Rector of Newport Pagnell