About once a year my wife Wendy and I visit her hometown Wigan. Although my knowledge of Wigan and its surrounding area is patchy, I very much enjoy seeing the old places again and also noting how things change from year to year. And Wigan has changed tremendously, especially in the centre of town.

During our visits we usually eat in a lovely Italian restaurant, that is very popular, particularly at weekend evenings. When I first came to Wigan in the late seventies, there were no affordable Italian restaurants; there simply wasn't any demand for them. In fact, most people weren't very complimentary about Italian (or other foreign) food and were reluctant to try it, if they had the opportunity. How things have changed.

It's easy to say how silly people were to miss out on all the lovely Italian and other non-local food. But perhaps we may also ask ourselves whether we have not done similar things. In my own case, I can say that I have at times been (and still am) reluctant to try new things or do something differently. And perhaps I'm not the only one to discover that life could have been easier, if only I had tried a new approach a bit earlier.

In the same way, as Christians, it is important for us to be open to God and to be ready to listen to him. It's a good idea to regularly have a look at our lives, and ask questions such as, "Am I attached to my things and my ideas? Am I at a standstill or am I on a journey? Do I believe in Jesus Christ who died and rose again and am I tuned in to him?"

Klaus Reidel
St Bede's Catholic Church
June 2018


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