The Royal Wedding was memorable for so many reasons- the gorgeous pageboy holding Meghan Markle's lace train, with his wide open mouth as the trumpets sounded; the fact she walked herself down the first part of the aisle and then Prince Charles stepped up to accompany her; the fact we had a Royal Prince marrying an African American woman; a Gospel choir; a fabulous cellist- and so much more! But how passionate and engaging was Bishop Michael Curry? In a setting where there was so much pomp and ceremony he brought light and joy and love. For me the fact people were talking about his sermon was so good (even if to complain it was too long!). When was the last time a sermon was so hotly debated? And for me the best part of it was how he shattered some of the preconceptions that people have about church. He spoke of the importance of love; he didn't start from the point of 'we are all sinners' or use church jargon, he spoke about how the way we live love can change the world. And how God is the source of that love and the source of all our lives.

Sometimes it feels as though we, in churches, have forgotten how to speak a language that can be understood beyond our structures. We make the Gospel complex and we can so easily exclude by how we speak and what we teach. So for me the way Bishop Curry spoke of love made his sermon relevant and accessible. He urged us all to live the way of love.

This is the question we need to ask ourselves, each and every day: What am I doing to show love where I find myself? 'Beloved. let us love one another, because love is from God.' 1 John 4:7 (NRSV Bible).