Christmas—Light in the darkness of winter

A time of celebration and joy.  

The opportunity to show love and care for those around us.

Christmas- the season of the year when we celebrate the birth of a baby who went on to change the world. Jesus was born a baby, just the same as you and me. He grew up in a family and was nurtured and loved, and as he grew up he shared the love of God with those alongside whom he travelled throughout his life.

We remember his humble beginnings as we share the Christmas story and we give thanks for his life. It helps us to reflect on our journeys through life, gives us a chance to think about those alongside whom we journey, time to think about how we live and what we can do to make the world a better place

We encounter a young girl pregnant and risking rejection, an older man  prepared to face social shame by marrying her, shepherds who were outcasts and reviled by society, the elite and rich wise men, the ordinary people affected by his birth, the powerful ruler scared by his potential and willing to commit murder, and the religious people given hope by his appearance.

All aspects of society are represented in the story we share at Christmas. So whilst for many this time of year is joy and fun and blessing, let us not forget those for whom it is sadness and hurt and fear; whilst we give gifts and eat and drink together, let us remember those unable to do such things, those isolated and alone, and those excluded from the festivities.

Jesus came so that all may have life in abundance.

As we celebrate Christmas once again, let us not forget the hurt and pain, shame and fear contained in the story we so often sanitize and then let us step out boldly to seek to be the love we want to see in the world and embody the love that the world so desperately needs

May God bless our efforts and actions.

Christmas Blessings

Jenny Mills
Minister of Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church