As I write this letter there is much in the news: that today is Blue Monday (the supposed most depressing day of the year), the Brexit news and associated anxieties, the fact Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated (and all that brings with it and makes us feel!), there is also news about the Northern Irish Assembly, the Tunisian shootings and the ice cracking in Antarctica.

Some people I know have chosen to stop listening to the news as it so upsets them. It seems each day that we hear of so many things that sadden, worry or concern us. What do we do in order to keep things in perspective yet also live as human beings who care for the world and for humanity and seek to tackle injustices and work for the good? 

Well, we begin with where we find ourselves. We begin by being the change we want to see in the world. If we want to see peace then we seek to find and bring peace in our own lives for a start; we live love; we share hope; we bring joy; we start small and trust that the ripples move outwards. This is the good news of the Gospel brought in Christ which is for all. As we face an unsure year, we do so encouraged to be the love of God to those we meet and then watch this love grow and flourish and spread.

Rev Jenny Mills
United Reformed Church