When nails first tore into your flesh
And you yelled out ‘Father forgive’ forget
You had been deserted by your motley crew
Toasted with vinegar by crowds bent on being cruel.
Alone you faced the evil
A savagery so sinister so dark, so primeval

And then as your consciousness ebbed away
The devil, impatient threw his victory soiree
With crowds who celebrated with mocking calls
Inspired by zealots, such leaders delighting in your seeming fall.

And as those crowds who taunted the defenceless drifted home
They gloated on their evening’s entertainment care of Rome
And with the tomb door finally sealed shut
And while the epitaphs and obituaries were still in draft
Eternal laws launched an extraordinary life raft

Jesus, come back, come back, not in vengeful spite
Not for the slaying of all the guilty left in sight
Rather to prove that love shines bright
Forgiveness, a solvent dissolving bitterness in light
Wars and armies break upon this sword
Dictators and demagogues are all to be humbled before you Lord
Weapons, and technologies, and flawed popular ideologies
Will stand and bow before you with serial apologies

As your tomb with hope and life ignites
At last the world is put to rights
Christ you are triumphant, ever reigning, and have conquered all
The Father’s plan for salvation has reversed the fall.

Rev Jack Walker,
Newport Pagnell Baptist Church