As I write this we are three days into the Olympic games and I am enthralled by it and following every UK athletes' progress. It is inspiring and gives me more of a hunger to play my own sports of football and swimming even though I know that at my age and ability level I shall never win any medals! For an athlete, years of training leads to a few minutes of competition in a race. In a few seconds dreams are made or shattered. Training the body to peak condition is tough and requires huge amounts of self discipline and yet by the time a person is past thirty yearrs old they are usually not considered fit or young enough to compete at the top level.

The good news for all of us is that we can train our spiritual muscle at any age. All of us have the chance to do this. You are never too old or young to learn more about God and to make choices about whether we want God to be part of our lives or not. Even when we fail in life God will always pick us up since, unlike our physical fitness levels, God's love for all of us is eternal. His love is constant for all people including those who don't believe in Him!

I find that knowing God is exciting and thankfully I haven't got to be super physically fit in order to know Him.

The big step in beginning this relationship with God is to be hungry to know more and to ask Him into your life. Then see what happens!

Nick Evans,
Rector of Newport Pagnell Benefice