The God of detail 
In recent years the beauty of the autumn colours has stretched well into
November. This year promises to be the same. This is a lovely
opportunity for us to enjoy the splendour of autumn at least in some
parts of a month that we normally associate with bleakness. For me the
beauty of autumn is another reminder of the greatness of God's
creation. Here we can see the amazing detail of nature. To think that,
for instance, of all the leaves that fall off the trees this autumn no two
are precisely the same, is really beyond my comprehension. Whether
you believe in God or not, creation is simply breathtaking.
 But for Christians creation is the work of God, something he did out of
love for us and for us to enjoy. In the same way that he created the
world in all its beautiful detail, we are also the work of his creation and
God cares about each one of us. He is interested in every detail of our
lives. And we in turn can approach him with all our joys, concerns and
worries knowing that he always wants the best for us.
Deacon Klaus Reidel
St Bede's Catholic Church