There are two pieces from the Revd Jack Walker this month

The Dawn of Salvation
deals with the Shadow of Death 

The long wait is over, we are ready to begin,
Celebrating Christmas, now is the time to sing.
As like minds gather round
The season we will usher in
Joining Mary and wise men and saints by the million.

With 'Glory' and 'Praise God' and 'Hallelujahs' thrown in
No words can do justice to this plan to end sin.
God's feelings triumphant now grow human skin.
Such humble beginnings we cannot ignore
Amid high jinks from shepherds and prophecies galore.

Such a long night but it's over, salvation has dawned
We wake to a baby a new era is sawned.&
God's excitement is mirrored
In Angels who chorus
See for yourself the saviour who's for us.

This day in your heart you can meet him afresh
No quibbles, no small print, no matter the mess,
Just speak up and welcome
The designer who calls
He's waiting and patient and his love is for all.

Revd Jack Walker
Newport Pagnell Baptist Church