As I write this letter, there is a theme of uncertainty dominating the news stories and the media seems to be full of questions: Who will be the next leaders of the Labour and Conservative parties? Who will be the next manager of the England Football team? And perhaps the biggest question of them all, what will happen to the country following the vote to leave the European Union? Some things, however, do not seem to change: terror attacks and violence continue to make the headlines, rain continues to interrupt the play at Wimbledon and England’s football team fails again in a major tournament

This time of year is a time of change for many. Children finish the Summer term and in September will move to new classes or new schools or universities. Older children may have graduated from university and now, hopefully, face the step into employment. For others, the change is something they look forward to with great anticipation – the change of scene as they take their Summer holiday and perhaps visit places they have never been to before or return to a favourite resort to recharge their batteries.

Change is often unsettling, whether this is a change in employment, home or personal circumstances and the prospect of facing these changes can cause us to be worried or nervous. Even the change of scene brought about by a holiday can generate some worries – will we travel safely and without incident or will our luggage get mislaid or our flights be delayed or cancelled because of circumstances beyond our control? 

It is reassuring to know that some things do not change and for me the most important thing for me that does not change is the love of God. The love of God is unending, unchanging and unconditional.

If you are going on holiday, I hope that you will have an enjoyable break and be able to return safely, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Deacon Jon Walls, St Bede's