If Jesus was born today where in MK would he be born? What is the modern day equivalent of a stable in Bethlehem? A stable is a smelly place harbouring animals and their droppings and not a hygienic setting for human birth into the world. Placing a baby in an animal feeding trough, a manger, would certainly attract the attention of social workers today.

If this had all happened in Milton Keynes today then maybe Jesus would be born alongside one of the bus shelters or at the back yard of a local restaurant on a crowded Saturday night. Perhaps a big MK Dons game has just ended and people are so keen to get back home on a winter night that they don`t notice a teenage mum sitting by a large green wheelie bin at the back of a restaurant. This is hardly the sort of place where many would expect God to be born as Jesus into this world. 

 A stable in Bethlehem was a similar bus shelter type of setting where Jesus was born. What a place for the Lord of the universe to decide to enter this world!

The key thing about Christmas is that God didn`t sit in heaven and look down upon our struggles. He came into the world Himself. He knows what it is like to live in the world that we live in. He came and walked the ground we walk. He endured the difficulties of the life we live and this is what makes Christmas so special. No other religion claims that God Himself came into the world in such a unique way experiencing all that we laugh and cry at in life and ultimately loving us to death – His death.

When you sit down to Christmas lunch and fill your glasses with wine drink a toast to Jesus since it is His birthday we are celebrating. Make sure you mention His name at His own birthday party!

Remember, Christmas starts with Christ!

Nick Evans
Rector of Newport Pagnell