In the last month, I have been overwhelmed with images of suffering
people in the news. We have seen displaced people in Iraq and
bereaved casualties of war in the Middle East. It can be difficult to
relate to such events when most of us have a roof over our heads, live
in relative security and have something to eat every day. It somehow
doesn’t feel real. Even though most of these things are a distance away,
they can leave us with feelings of fear and helplessness.
There are, however, things that we can do that can change these
situations. We can give financially to humanitarian and church
organisations who work directly on the ground. We can commit to pray
specifically by keeping ourselves informed of events.
Closer to home, we can also come across situations that may leave us
feeling vulnerable and fearful. Sometimes these things can be out of
our control such as illness or injury. However, there are times and
situations when we can do things to help.
We can respond to our neighbours when they are in need. We can
encourage communication and be attentive to one another. Often
people hurt one another because of misunderstanding or just because
we don’t listen or give time to process the other person’s point of view.
Charity begins at home when we choose to respond to those around us.
We can practice love and generosity and make an impact just where we
Birgitte Grace
Chaplain, Westbury Grange