I love Christmas! It's such a wonderful time. I won't deny that I very
much enjoy the Christmas food. My favourite is the Christstollen, the
German Christmas cake, which in recent years has become readily
available here. But hopefully I'll find the time and energy to bake my
own this year. Like most people I also like the presents, but fortunately
that's not too important, otherwise I might find it hard to accept that I
receive them from Father Christmas rather than the Christkind - the
Christ child - who in Germany delivers the goodies on the evening of
Christmas Eve. With all the various services going on, I will be in
church most of that time anyway and wouldn't be there when the
Christkind comes.
What's also great is that people try to live up to the season of goodwill
in the days before and during Christmas. It's lovely to see people
making an extra effort to be kind and considerate to each other. I think I could cope better with Christmas starting in the shops in September, if it were accompanied by a general outpouring of love and goodness.
But it's super when it's happening at Christmas
But what makes Christmas really special for me is the time spent with
my family and at church. Fortunately, the two complement each other -
most of the time anyway. It's fun to relax at home with the family and
to share presents and meals. And at church we celebrate the greatest
Christmas gift - Jesus Christ, God's own son being born as a human
being to give us all hope in an often dark world.
Deacon Klaus Reidel,
St. Bede's Catholic Church