The CTNP Constitution

1.      Name

The body shall be called Churches Together in Newport
Pagnell hereinafter referred to as CTNP.

2.      Basis

The basis shall be "a fellowship of Churches which confess
Jesus Christ as God and Saviour, and therefore seek to fulfil together their
common calling to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit".

3.      Association

CTNP shall be associated with the Churches Council of the Milton Keynes Mission Partnership through the representatives of the individual Churches on that Council. CTNP may, with the consent of the member congregations affiliate to any body which affirms the basis of CTNP and through which the objects of CTNP can be promoted.

4.      Objects

a) To draw the Churches represented on the body into greater understanding and unity.

b) To enable the Churches more fully to share in the ecumenical movement.

c) To enable the Churches to bear a more united witness in the community and to serve it more effectively.

d) To give expression to their common faith by worshipping together.

5.      Structure

a)  Forum

i)  The Forum shall consist of representatives from each local congregation in the area which affirms the basis, and desires to promote the objects and share the work of CTNP. These representatives shall be the clergy and ministers and up to three others from each member congregation.  Each of these representatives shall have one vote.

For the purposes of this constitution a "local congregation" is defined as a permanent group of Christians meeting regularly for worship within the Newport Pagnell area.  A "member congregation" is defined as a local congregation that elects to participate in the work of CTNP and to fulfil the
requirements placed on it by this constitution.

ii) The Forum shall meet not less than twice a year.  The June meeting
shall be the Annual Meeting at which accounts shall be presented, officers
elected and annual reports submitted from the Working Groups.

iii) The elected Officers of the Forum shall be a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The maximum term of office for the President shall be two years. 
The maximum term of office for Secretary and Treasurer shall be five years.

iv) The Forum may invite other bodies to send observers to its meetings.

b)  Executive

i) The Executive shall consist of the Officers of the Forum, a representative from each of the Working Groups and additional members as necessary to ensure that each church has at least one representative.

ii) The Executive shall meet as frequently as may be required to administrate all activities of the Forum.

iii) The officers of the Executive shall be those of the Forum.

c)  Working Groups

i) The Forum shall delegate the responsibility for organising joint activities to specific Working Groups.  These shall cover Christian Aid, Mission, Emergency Help Scheme, Communications and other areas as the need arises.  Each Group shall consist of at least one representative from each of the member congregations.  It shall have the power to co-opt further members from outside the Forum.  These co-options shall make up no more than half of the group membership and shall be made on an annual basis.

ii) The Clergy and Ministers of the member congregations shall work together to act as advisors and enablers to the Working Groups, the Executive and the Forum.

iii) Each Working Group shall appoint a Convenor and a representative on the Executive.  A Working Group may also appoint a Treasurer and Secretary if required.  Any of these posts may be held concurrently by one person.
The appointments shall be made at the annual meeting of the Working

6.      Finance

Each participating congregation shall be asked to contribute a subscription to the expenses of CTNP. The amount shall be determined by the Annual Meeting of the Forum.

7.      Amendments to the Constitution

The Forum shall have the power to amend the Constitution,but the representatives of any congregation shall have the right to require that any proposed amendment be submitted to the member congregations.

January 2010