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In the last hundred years or so medical science has made dramatic progress to treat a variety of conditions in areas such as surgery, monitoring and diagnosis, disease control, and the use of drugs. For some people this means that healing can only mean the use of this scientific technology provided by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and at hospitals.

SSPP: logo Exploring Christian HealingFor such people, the very idea or use of any other alternative or complementary therapy or treatment is rejected as non-scientific hocus-pocus. In practice the evaluation of these alternatives is not staight forward. There are a whole range of therapies from the more physical, to the more psychological. These have varying track records for evidence-based studies of their effectiveness. Indeed, it can be very costly to carry out a scientifically-valid study of the effectiveness of a therapy, because of the time needed, the use, size and selection of test and control groups, and the measurability of outcomes.

With these contexts in mind, introducing any form of God inspired healing is likely to meet with the same mixed reactions.

If you are at all interested in the possibility of this form of healing, whether to find out more, or to consider taking part, then you might be interested in what Revd Nick Evans, the Rector at the Parish Church in Newport Pagnell, is currently introducing.

As a next step, if you browse down this page, you will find Nick's answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you then want to discuss any of this, have other questions, or would like to find out more,

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at Newport Pagnell Parish Church of St Peter and St Pauls

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need to be ‘religious’ or a church goer to experience healing?

No! Healing comes from God and is dependent upon the faith and gifts of the healer and NOT upon the person being healed. You don’t need to be a spiritual giant or religious freak but being relaxed and open minded can help the process of healing! Try to have a positive outlook during your healing session but don’t worry if you’re feeling gloomy when you come in. Healing is done in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Why is it needed? We have doctors, nurses and medical services to help us.

Healing is not an alternative to medical care. It is complementary to medicine. All healing comes from God, whether through the skills of medicine, through prayer and sacrament, healing words or touch.

Is this something new?

No. It was the normal practice of the early church and continued through the early centuries. It fell into disuse during Mediaeval Times. Its use was revived by the Church of England in the 19th Century and is now found in most cathedrals and parish churches as well as in many other denominations.

How did it start?

It started with Jesus who healed the sick and suffering. The Church continued his ministry through Communion, prayer, laying on of hands and anointing with Holy Oil blessed by a priest or bishop. The love and care of the Christian community can also help with healing. The Church was responsible for the first hospitals (e.g. St Bartholemew’s London) and still today provides much of the medical care in many undeveloped countries.

What happens during a healing session?

You sit quietly, try to relax in silence or with gentle background music playing. Then two people who are gifted in this area lay hands on your shoulders or the sick part of the body if appropriate! They quietly pray for several minutes or longer.

You may experience heat or cold from their hands or tingling sensations—which is usually a sign that something positive is happening. If you don’t experience such things then it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Everyone is different! Anything you share about your physical or mental difficulties is treated confidentially since sometimes folk ask for prayer for relationship problems concerning their family or friends. Healing can still work if you don’t share anything at all though!

What are the results?

Recovery from disease may be speeded up. Sometimes people are helped to accept their illness or disability along with a deep sense of peace within. Sometimes God steps in where medical science has exhausted all other healing avenues. God is able to touch the parts the doctors cannot reach!

Some people may suddenly feel very emotional during healing. Don’t be embarrassed by this because this can be a sign of a long standing problem rising to the surface. Tears can be a sign of inner healing taking place. We all carry some psychological baggage from the past around with us which may need God’s healing touch. If you feel emotional the healers won’t pry and snoop unless you want to share something. You may want to talk to the clergy alone at a later date due to something that arose in your heart during your healing session. That can easily be arranged.

The only ‘side effects’ of healing are positive ones. You may feel sleepy or relaxed!

The authority for healing is in the Bible:

Are any among you suffering?
They should pray. Are any cheerful?
They should sing songs of praise.
Are any among you sick?
They should call for the elders of the
Church and have them pray over them,
Anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord.
The prayer of faith will save the sick,
And the Lord will raise them up;
And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven.
. . . pray for one another so that you may be healed.
The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. 

[NRSV James 5 verses 13-16]

[see NRSV James 5:13

Is there a financial cost for a healing session?

Absolutely not! Some like to make a small donation but this is not expected or required.



God only wants the very best for you!



Contact details

To arrange for healing prayer
please contact

Nick Evans
Rector of Newport Pagnell Parish Church

phone: 01908 612244

email: nickevans49@btinternet.com



Previous activities

Since March 2016 a series meetings have been held at St Luke's for those interested in finding out more. These meetings have been well attended, and included members from various of the CTNP churches and from further afield. During a meeting there is prayer and worship, a short bible study, time for practice and fellowship, and a short presentation and discussion.

In addition to Wednesday morning sessions (see the box below), there will be the following meeting in February for all


was held on Saturday 3rd February 2018

at St Luke's, Wolverton Road, Newport Pagnell


This meeting welcomed members of the Torbay School of Supernatural Ministry (website TSSM )

Browse this page to find out what it's all about, and for notes on previous meetings.

THIS Discovery Morning welcomed a team from the Torbay School of Supernatural Ministry. This school describes itself as "an equipping school for passionate believers who are hungry to see the Kingdom of God released through them and the people around them."

Don't feel intimidated by the word 'supernatural'—God is by his very being 'supernatural' and all our prayers call out for his divine intervention 'supernaturally' in our lives and those we pray for.

So, even if you haven't had anything to do with this before, come along to one of the regular Wednesday morning opportunities and see what it's all about. (details further down this page)

More regularly, there are the following healing sessions,

All are welcome




10am–12noon WEDNESDAYS
for Coffee, Chat, and Healing Prayer


the Parish Church (on Newport Pagnell High Street)





Notes on healing meetings

held at St Luke's between March 2016 and October 2017

The eleventh meeting was held on Saturday 21st October 2017, 10am–12.30, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 


The tenth meeting was held on Saturday 25th February 2017, 10am–12.30, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

This meeting focused on how to take the activity forward; including some prayer, worship and fellowship to let God speak through the discussions;


The ninth meeting was held on Saturday 14th January 2017, 10am–12.30, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

A Saturday morning meeting, especially for those who found it difficult to get to the previous evening meetings. Some of the time was spent exploring the link between mind/emotion and health. The Bible study discussion focussed on the parable of the paralysed man who was healed, as described in Matthew chapter 9, verses 1–7 & 9.


The eighth meeting was held on Monday 12th December 2016, 7.15pm, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

This meeting featured testimony, with a short talk by Revd Nick Evans and author Kate Nicholas shared her testimony and answered questions; there was also time to offer healing to those who requested it;


SSPP: Healing poster updated for end 2016 


The seventh meeting was held on Monday 7th November, 7.15pm, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

This week testimony, short case histories, and the story in Matthew chapter 8, vv1-4;

The sixth meeting was held on Monday 3rd October, 7.15pm, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

This time the Biblical references were Colossians chapter 3, vv1-4, and regarding the importance of thanksgiving 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 vv13-22 and Romans chapter 1 vv 10-12.

The fifth meeting was held on Monday 22nd August, 7.15pm, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

We looked at Luke chapter 12, vv1-5 and Luke chapter 8, v39. The topic for the evening was "Testimony" both in the secular world,and how it might be important in a Christian context. Thanks to those who shared their personal testimonies during the evening. This was followed by healing practice and the evening began and closed with a hymn and prayers.


The fourth meeting was held on Monday 25th July, 7.15pm, at St Luke's, Newport Pagnell 

 We looked at passages in Luke ch9 vv1-6 Luke 9 and Luke ch9 vv51-56; and also Romans ch8 vv5-9 Romans 8. There was then some healing practice—earlier than before and allowing some time to review our experiences and ask questions.



Some resources you might check out

Christian Healing Mission based in West London, and directed by John Ryeland; there is a link centre in Bletchley; "In the gospel stories, we read that any people were healed when they met with Jesus. All at CHM believe that he is still healing people today. ... His gentle touch on so many lives is beautiful, transforming and very exciting."

Burrswood for healing with a Christian heart; previously this organisation included a hospital, but in future it will focus on outpatients and retreats.

Book and e-book 'Turning Point' by Jennifer Rees Larcombe, and her website Beauty From Ashes

The Marilyn Baker Ministries minister to large and small groups; the focus—to bring people and churches into the healing and empowering presence of God through music, teaching and prayer.

Gilgal House Healing Centre based locally in Stony Stratford; they ran a two-day conference with Chuck Parry on 29th/30th June 2016;

Chuck Parry leader of the two day conference in June 2016; based at Bethel Ministries (link following)

Bethel Ministries based in Redding California; "Bethel is a congregation rooted in the love of God and dedicated to worldwide transformation through revival. It's our goal for God's love to be manifest in signs, wonders and miracles."

Torbay School of Supernatural Ministry based in Dorset, and connected and inspired by the Bethel Ministries in California.

The book "Sea Changed" by Kate Nicholas; available by phone or internet from Eden a Christian book and other media supplier which aims "...through online community and social networking [to] help Christians across 151 countries connect with and grow with one another...to the Glory of God"

The book is a testimony written while Kate was going through treatment for advanced cancer, initially as a legacy for her children. She wanted them to know how much God loved her and had stood by her throughout her life, even as she faced potentially leaving them.

Book: Sea Change by Kate Nicholas 

Sea Changed is for anyone who has ever felt that they were looking for God in all the wrong places or struggled to find Him in the face of adversity—and provides vivid reassurance that the route to faith doesn't necessarily need to follow a straight line. 

Kate's website is KateNicholas. Kate's hope is that readers will be encouraged to look back over their own lives, to recogise the times when God's quiet whisper has shifted their perspective and an unseen hand has altered their trajectoy—even in the darkest moments.


For a list of other Healing ministries around the UK, see Christian Healing UK members list 



on this website, have a look at